Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hiking Spy Rock

My shoulder's sore. My hip is clicking. I have a blister the size of my big toe on my little toe and a pulled groin muscle. Other than that, I'm ship shape and happy after a trailblazing 9 mile trek around Spy Rock in Franklin County, Arkansas. The loop around is about 6 miles, but Angel, her brother, and myself decided to add on a side trip up to Spy Rock which tacked on another 2 miles. On top of that, the last leg of the trail back to the car was too overgrown to traverse, so we had to track around onto a forest service road which added on another mile.

Our total ascent was just a bit shy of 1900 feet with an altitude change of over 1000 feet in a total of 5 hours. The numbers make me feel better about my ass being kicked so bad by this hike. I don't think I'll be getting on the treadmill until at least Wednesday.

The trail was pretty nice. Its not very well traveled and was in need of some clearing and maintenance but that was a small price to pay for not seeing another soul all afternoon. There was a storm that blew by the day before the hike which made a few of the little tributaries trickle, but there were no moving waterfalls, unfortunately. We may have to go back in the spring as there were several places that I'm sure will look very nice in the wet season.

We were able to add a few shots to our mushroom series. Check out a few of them below. Here's a link to all the decent shots of the day.

Here is also a map of where they were all taken.

Fort Smith, Arkansas
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